The Renaissance Diet 2.0


The Renaissance Diet 2.0 provides the most up to date scientific information to help you

Understand how many calories you need to eat to maximize performance and burn fat
Correctly balance your macronutrient intake for your training and physique goals
Time your meals to get the most out of your nutrition
Select optimal food types to fuel performance
Understand which supplements actually work and why
Improve your health with proper micronutrient intake and hydration
Periodize your diets for long term effectiveness
How to develop reasonable goals for performance and physique improvement
Step-by-step how to design and implement a diet plan to fit your goals
How to adapt your diet for special circumstances such as training multiple times per day
How to adapt the diet principles for a vegan diet
The most current data on gut health and its practical application
How to nutritionally prepare for competition in various types of sports including strength, combat, endurance, and physique sports
The reality about the effect of alcohol on physique and sport performance
How to recognize and dispel diet myths, fads, and fallacies

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