The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson: The Complete Volume


Milton H. Erickson was one of the most creative, dynamic and effective hypnotherapists and psychotheraplsts of the twentieth century. He used unconventional techniques with remarkable success. This outstanding work of research extracts the core wisdom of Milton H. Erickson’s life-long work. Gleaned from the records of over 140 publications and lectues given by Erickson during his career, this combined volume is an essential part of the available literature on Dr. Erickson. Part One on Human Behavior and Part Two on Psychotherapy, present his methods and lessons, including his feelings on the use of objective observation, the uniqueness of the conscious mind, the realities and abilities of the unconscious mind, the creation and use of a therapeutic environment, and many other aspects of the life and work of this remarkable thinker and teacher. Part Three, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, presents a clear account of how Dr. Erickson conceived of hypnosis, particularly its access to the unconscious and its role in the process of therapy.

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